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How We Help

At Investment Planning & Management, we believe wealth preservation is an ongoing process that requires collaboration, education and understanding.  When you partner with our firm on your financial planning journey, we will become your fiercest and most loyal advocate.

As a business owner or individual with substantial assets, your wealth goals center on the following:

  • Preservation of Assets
  • Preservation of Lifestyle
  • Succession Planning

As an independent wealth management firm, our goals are aligned directly to your objectives.  We strive to offer custom guidance tailored to your situation and always in your best interest.  Our fully integrated approach to financial planning may include any combination of the following services:

  • Investment Management – Based on long-term investing and staying the course, while monitoring and re-balancing the portfolio to ensure it remains consistent with your agreed-upon asset allocation policy.
  • Risk Management – Insurance products are carefully evaluated and recommended by one of our independent insurance specialists if and when it is applicable to your personal situation.
  • Retirement Planning – A sound retirement plan is designed to meet your current income objective, provide for increases in your income as inflation dictates the need, and allows you to optimize your after-tax use of capital within the parameters of your personal tolerance for risk. In short, it should provide you financial peace of mind.
  • Business Planning – A well-developed financial business plan is essential for the long-term success of this closely help asset. Developing an attractive benefits package to retain key employees, planning an exit strategy for eventual retirement, and establishing an investment strategy for retained earnings are all necessary pieces in this complex puzzle.

Your personal and professional wealth journey is important – which is why we work hard to ensure you are well-equipped with strategies to support your goals.